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The following conditions apply to all functions, conferences & training and other events held in the club’s function rooms and / or involving other elements on the Blue Flames site.



1. Functions may only be booked by a member. If not a member already, a social form must be completed at time of booking


2. Room hire is non-refundable once paid


3. Cancellations less than 2 weeks' notice, all payment is non-refundable. This includes buffet and any extras


4. Cancellations less than 4 weeks' notice a £200 fee is payable


5. When decorating our suites we ask that nothing goes onto the wallpaper. Doors/windows/bar can be used


6. No drinks can be brought onto our premises and consumed. We will confiscate any drink found, this will be kept until you leave.


7. At the end of the party all belongings must be removed. For any exceptions, an item sheet must be filled in and signed.


8. Any food allergies must be notified of at least 2 weeks prior to the function. Our catering does have some gluten free options.


9. You are responsible for your guests, any damage or violence caused may result in police involvement


10. Tea lights and/or lit candles are not permitted on our premises



The following additional conditions are required to meet current government regulations in respect ongoing issues caused by Corvid-19.


11. You cannot bring in any of your own food. If you would like food this would need to be through Blue Flames. We are unable to provide self-service buffets at this time. Please ask for alternative seated buffet menu.


12. For the purposes of potential track and trace situations, you will need to supply the following contact details for all guests attending your function – name, email address & phone number. If they do not have either an email address or phone number (e.g. children), please supply that of close friend or relative.

13. You are not permitted to hire a disco or use microphones. You can use your own music system but it must not be loud enough that guests raise their voices.


14. All parents/guardians are responsible for their children to follow social distance guidelines.


15. A socially distancing system to access toilets is in place and guests must follow direction arrows. Only one person at a time may use the toilets and any queuing in the corridors must follow social distance guidelines.


16. Entry to the Amble Suite will be via the Clubhouse foyer and exit from either the emergency exit on to patio and through the turnstiles or via the emergency exit at the end of the toilet corridor. Guests must follow direction arrows and signs for entry/exit and for access to toilets.


17. Entry and exit to the Belsay Suite* will be via the Clubhouse foyer and Belsay stairs where two way up and down movement is unavoidable. Guest are therefore requested to wait at the top of the stairs and give way to people coming up. If two people have to cross on the stairs please keep left and follow arrows. Similarly, access to the Belsay toilets is across the landing at the top of the stairs and guests should keep to the left to maintain social distancing.

      *NB. Belsay Room is upstairs and not wheelchair accessible. Amble & Callerton are fully accessible


18. Entry and exit to the Callerton Suite will be via the Sports Hall foyer and Callerton corridor where two way movement is unavoidable. Guest are requested to follow direction arrows and keep to the left when using this route. Where possible use of the corridor should be limited to one person at a time by waiting in the foyer to give way to people coming from the Callerton Room. Access to the Callerton toilets is also on this corridor and should follow the same guidelines. Any queueing for toilets should be on the left against the corridor wall. 


19. We are unable to offer table service for the bar, guests will be able to queue at the bar following social distance guidelines. Guests are not permitted to stand at the bar once they have been served their drinks.


20. Only 30 guests are permitted in the Amble Suite at one time. Please use the outdoor space as much as possible.


21. Tables will be set out using the social distance guidelines. They must not be moved under any circumstances.


22. Please leave all empty glasses on tables, bar staff will collect them.


23. If guests do not follow the social distance guidelines they will be asked to leave.


24. Hand sanitizer is available in the room, doors will be kept open to avoid spread of the virus.





Please sign and date this form below to indicate that you have read and understood these conditions and that you agree to follow them.


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